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Friendship Foundation for Zimbabwe

Registered 501(c)3 

Futbol, Fresh H20 and Friendship


Through our love of futbol, we seek to unlock potential, inspire and empower less fortunate children in Zimbabwe. Our staff is committed to providing growth and leadership opportunities for young adults in Zimbabwean communities. Simultaneously, we passionately endeavor to provide a philanthropic learning experience for their American counterparts.

Please click to visit our paypal account to facilitate your tax deductible donation.


We thank you immensely for your generosity and support. 

Please send us your contact information through the button above & let us know how you would like to get involved!  We would love to have more volunteers join our cause.  

If you ask children in Zimbabwe what is the one thing they would want from America, the most common answer is... Friendship.  We will offer that & so much more. 

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